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Use Your gifts to impact teens just like you…

The purpose of the University is to train students just like YOU to know their purpose and have an opportunity to use their God-given gifts on an ongoing basis. To support this, we have decided to create an opportunity for University Students to have a night where they are able to run every aspect of our Wednesday night gatherings. From teaching to music to art…we want to provide you with an opportunity to use your specific gifts to make a lasting impact on others. To sign up, use the form below, and we will contact you and work directly with you to see how can you can best use your gifts during these times.

Please note that in order to teach, you must be at least a Level 2 University Student. To continue teaching, you must be progressing each month.

**You must sign up at least 3 weeks prior to the service you wish to help lead.

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We know there's no way we can list every single gift that someone might have to share, so please use this space to tell us what gifting you would like to share. It can be writing, art, dance...anything! Share your heart below.