AMPED University Application

For those that are ready to move past the basics and grow in your relationship with Jesus in a big way, AMPED University is for you! This is a discipleship intensive where you will have the opportunity to get serious in your dependency on Jesus, Bible reading, prayer life, reaching others with the message of Jesus Christ, get hands-on ministry experience, and have special surprise perks throughout the year! You will also be able to choose one or more specific tracks that will help you grow in areas you are specially gifted in. There is specialized training in areas of leadership (pastoral/administration/general), music, and film production. You can dive deep into one area or experiment with multiple. It’s all up to you!

Hosted via the Google Classroom website, you will be able access the course entirely online via the University Portal. We will meet up with you at least once per month during the 30 minutes before Wednesday night services. We will review your journals, answer any questions you have, pray with you and walk through it together WITH you!

Note: One of the best parts of this course is that you can do it completely on your own time when it best works for you. Some may be able to go through each level quickly, and others may need more time, and that’s no problem! We understand that life can get very hectic, and this is designed specifically for that. Official graduation recognitions for each level will take place in February and September each year. There are 5 levels in total, and you can move along through each at your own pace. It would be possible to finish multiple levels in between graduations, and that is awesome! You would simply be rewarded the perks (yes, there’s lots of those) for each level completed during the graduation months. So, if you complete levels 1 and 2 before August 1, you would receive your perks for both levels in late August/September.

**Deadlines for graduation recognition: January 30 and August 1**


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