AMPED University Application

For those that are ready to move past the basics and grow in your relationship with Jesus in a big way, AMPED University is for you! Held January-February each year, this is an 8 week discipleship intensive where you will have the opportunity to get serious in your dependency on Jesus, Bible reading, prayer life, reaching others with the message of Jesus Christ, get hands-on ministry experience, and have special surprise perks throughout the program! We meet every Sunday afternoon January - February.

NEW FOR 2019 - This year, we are introducing 5 different tracks. You will still participate in the same reading assignments and group assignments as everyone else, but this year we want to help you grow in the specific area God has gifted you in. This will make for an even more individualized experience! In addition, there will be no fee, but rather you will be provided with a list of all the materials that are needed prior to the beginning of the program.

*Note: There is a prerequisite to this course, which is reading the book, "Do Hard Things." You can find this for free at your local library, or you can purchase a copy on Amazon by clicking HERE.

**Application Deadline for January-February 2019**

**Wednesday, December 19th 2018**


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